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We Proudly Use WordPress

There are many blogging platforms out there, but talking about the Search Guru ‘Google’, it crawls WordPress a lot and hence the sites using the WordPress platform tend to rank well in the search results. The reason behind this is that WordPress platform is very Search Engine Friendly, because of the fact that it lets us easily update/add content to our site regularly. And search engines like to see fresh contents on sites and opt for the regularly updated sites/blogs.

You want a header that changes color every 10 seconds? Great, there is a plugin for that. Want to promote your new content on social media with just a click? No problem, there is a plugin for that. Curious about how many readers are on your site right now? Oh well, lets see how many there are with the help of this plugin. You see, everything you want to do, or you think of, can easily be done in WordPress with just a simple plugin which is not that much of a headache to install. The core functionality of WordPress is already very impressive but the beauty the extended plugins give it, is simply out of the box. There are lots and lots of plugins out there, freely available on WordPress database, easily installable from inside the system with just a click, which will do whatever you want them too.
It’s literally no more complicated than Microsoft Word, in terms of editing and adding new content. If you were trying to bring up a tweak and mistakenly broke something, it’s not a big headache because WordPress has a very good support forum with many moderators who will help you in minutes when you post your query. However, the main task of the platform is to maintain your website easily and it performs the task without complications.

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